Spanking Effects On Children

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15% of children are spanked before their first birthday, also 19 states in the U.S. allow spanking in schools. Spanking can cause aggression, mental disorders, and drug/alcohol abuse during adulthood (Online Psychology). Does spanking effect kids or effect how they act, does spanking effect later discipline techniques? Is it considered child abuse? Multiple questions on whether spanking should even be aloud. Spanking is classified as a corporal punishment, “corporal” means” of the body” ("Is 'Hot"). Spanking usually has an immediate effect on the child to comply (Online Psychology). To define spanking, it is an act of slapping usually on the buttocks. Instead of spanking parents could use another technique called hot saucing, hot sauce is put on the tongue of the child ("Is 'Hot"). Or putting the child in time out is also a suitable punishment without hitting or hurting the child.…show more content…
The more a child is spanked between the ages of 3 to 5 the more likely they will become aggressive (Online Psychology). Spanking can cause mental health problems and can have anti-social behavioral issues. Children that get spanked tend to defy their parents and have cognitive difficulties. When parents spank they think it is to help their child now what is right and wrong, but spanking has accidental detrimental outcomes. You don’t have to hurt a child to punish them, in 2014 about 80% of people spanked their kids. If the parent was spanked as a child the parent is more likely to support spanking
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