Spanking a Child and Child Abuse

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Spanking a child is not against the law in most places. However, parents who use it in their homes are being accused of child abuse. The Chicago Tribune published an article that urged readers to report child abuse when they become aware of it. In the article “Child abuse in plain View” the author describes spanking as a type of abuse that happens behind closed doors (“Child abuse in plain View”). Like most critics of corporal punishment, the author is trying to link spanking to abuse. The author`s concern about abuse is a valid one. Abuse should be reported immediately. However, any attempt to define spanking as abuse is wrong. Spanking a child is not abuse. It is an effective way of discipline that helps guide the child into becoming a …show more content…
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents do not spank their children at all. They think that time-out and removal of privileges is better than corporal punishment (“Child Abuse in Plain View”). The AAP should know that balance is the key when it comes to discipline. Incorrectly using any form of discipline can have negative effects. Placing a child in time-out too much may cause the child to become withdrawn. Constantly yelling at a child could cause a child to feel angry or depressed. Spanking a child for every mishap could cause a child to be fearful of making a mistake. The bottom line is that every child is different. What works for one child may not work for the other. Some children respond well to time-out. For some, a spanking may the best way to correct unwanted behavior. Parents should decide what is best for the child, at that moment.
Parents should also decide whether the child’s behavior is a direct challenge of authority, when deciding which discipline method to use (Dobson 29). A child who decides to be an artist for the day and draws on the wall is not being defiant. On the other hand, a child who continues to draw on the wall after being warned not to, several times is being defiant. A child who does not clean up his room should not be disciplined the same as a child who curses his parents. Corporal punishment may be the best solution for deliberate disrespect. It will immediately cause a child to re-think his

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