Spanning the Globe

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Executive Summary This paper analyzes the case – spanning the globe, which helps understand the various HR issues faced by Mr. Eric Christopher who is the Associate Director for Global HR Development at Tex-Mark. Tex-Mark is a computer input and output manufacturing firm with its head office in San Antonio. After its establishment in the 1970s, they have over 5 production facilities, 3 research and new product development facilities over the world. Additionally, they have 7 international sales, distribution and customer service centers universally but mainly concentrated in Asia. Below is a brief company and employee history to aid with the case study analysis. The first step in identifying the various challenges faced by Tex-Mark…show more content…
Due to the economic uncertainty in the period, the set up time was exceptionally long. Also, Fred and his team had not been able to successfully adjust to their Mexican counterparts. They had not treated the local and national agencies with respect and that affected the business component of the whole structure. This is an implicit problem has been identified as it occurs in more than one scenario. 2.1.2 Expatriation failure The Jaipur, India plant needed a sudden change in its lead engineer due to a personal problem of one of the chosen expatriates. This caused Eric to choose Fred on an almost instinctive basis due to his previous experiences and technical abilities. Although Eric had designed a Training and Development pre-departure program, it was designed for the original candidate without taking into consideration the needs and requirements of Fred. As one scenario may not be applicable for all, this may have posed as a problem for Fred. 2.1.3 Training and Development Failure Tex-Mark had no particular emphasis or compulsions for expatriates to go through the pre-departure activities that included country briefings, reading assignments etc. Fred being one of them was unwilling to adjust to the local engineers and the government of India causing the 18 months assignment to turn into a 3-year assignment. 2.1.4 Language Barriers Since
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