Spanx Can Help to Correct Every Woman's Body Essay

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Have you ever been getting ready for a party and realized the dress you planned on wearing made your body look more unappealing than it normally did? Do you wish you had something to smooth out your body under your clothes? If you are as self-conscious as I am, you are familiar with a Spanx. Spanx was created because founder Sara Blakely was getting ready for a party as well and she realized she didn’t have the right undergarments that would eliminate panty lines and also make her body appear firmer. Their mission is to help women feel great about themselves and their potential. In the 21st century, we are constantly exposed to thin models, actresses, video vixens, etc. Mainstream magazines, advertisements, movies and television shows…show more content…
Spanx are important in today’s society because flat stomachs and slim bodies are important. But who ever said being skinny is what makes women more attractive? In the 1950’s Marilyn Monroe held the ideal body image. She was a size 12, in today’s standard of the thin body type, she would be considered fat. Today society looks at Victoria’s Secret Angels as having the ideal bodies. However original angel Tyra Banks says she’s “all about Spanx, all the time”. Kim Kardashian says Spanx are her “best friend!” Miley Cyrus theory is that “Spanx are a gift from God!” We look up to these mainstream celebrities and idolize their bodies not knowing that they have help achieving their slim look. We already have enough pressure to be thin or obtain a certain look. Now, were using unnatural products to create an unrealistic look. Shapewear is messing with our body image.
Nowadays, expecting mothers are expected to still look slim even in the late stages of pregnancy but this is a time where they could let it all hang out, embracing their pregnant bodies. When it comes to what to wear during pregnancy, comfort use to be the most important thing. The pregnant woman on the Spanx packet looks everything but comfortable. Spanx for pregnant women are the new maternity must-haves. Some mothers wear them to help with the “sagging behinds and dimpled thighs” while others use them to hide their pregnancy. Pregnant women should not squeeze themselves into shapewear for the sake
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