Sparksville Case Study

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Hello good citizens of Sparkville, As we have heard one of large company is shipping is program oversees, leaving us in a perusal position. Nonetheless, I have a few proposals for you today concerning the city’s natural resources, and the ocean’s high winds, that I propose we erect wind turbines to generate electricity and cut the cost of city taxes. Also, the environment is big concern in Sparksville, which I understand my friends, that is I why suggest planting Greenbelts around the city’s boundaries, as this is very needed to conserve natural resources and provide better living conditions for all organisms functioning in and around our beautiful city. Collectively, we should be able to address all of our city’s needs! And what we need know is a good alternative to the negative impact of Sparksville economy and to the creation of environmental friendly and prosperous careers for our city residents.…show more content…
This and the better use of conservation programs to plant greenbelts around the city should produce enough jobs for the citizens of Sparkville to, lastly, collaborate and coordinate effective and efficient plans to create equity, and of course profit. Some of the solutions to help slow the depletion is to use hydro- fluorocarbons instead of CFCs, cutting down on the use of CFCs, and using alternative jet fuel which doesn't release Nitrous gas. Ozone is constantly being created. The reason we have a problem is that it is being destroyed at a much faster rate than it is replenishing itself. All we need to do is slow down the emission of these gases. This will give the ozone time to repair itself. Then we need to keep the emissions low so that this problem will not
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