'Sparta: Historically Unique' -explains lifestyle/social structure/government of Spartans -explains why Sparta is unique -Bibliography and incorrect in-text citation included (should be fixed)

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Throughout history the world has seen very few powers that have been quite as unique as the ancient Greek city-state of Sparta. Very few city-states of ancient Greece were able to rival the Spartan people. Their unique government, social structure, and way of life made them a viable force in the ancient world. It is for these reasons that Sparta has gone down in history as one of the most uniquely structured powers in world history, one that is observed by modern intellectuals and politicians, being used as a model for present day militaries and governments.

One of the major characteristics of Sparta that made it so unique was it 's government. Although oddly structured, it 's main goal was to achieve stability. This is one goal that many
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These young males would spend almost all of their lives together training. The warrior bond was so strong in Sparta that the men who lived in such close quarters with each other shared sexual relationships.(1) It was thought that teaching children to live under deplorable conditions in a survival of the fittest atmosphere would produce excellent adult soldiers. Boys were given a single garment and no sandals for the year as a means of toughening them up. They were fed things which modern society would consider inedible. Young Spartan males were also taught to steal from each other in order to fill their stomachs. Those who were caught were severely punished but a Spartan who didn 't steal was considered weak and cowardly. If a young soldier survived his training he would become a member of the Homoioi. A soldier was expected to marry at the age of thirty.(3) This marriage would be arranged and a ceremony would take place in which the man would symbolically seem to take the woman by force. Spartan soldiers did not live with their wives and were expected to see them only in the dark of the night in order to impregnate them and procreate. At the age
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