Sparta Vs Athens

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Greece is a land that is unified by many City-States.The most popular City-States we have heard were Athens and Sparta. Sparta focused on mainly military,while Athens wanted a City that had a mix of everything.This is beneficial for Athens civilization because it can use it’s people's talent to help increase the Athens’ ability.Athens presented a better model of civilization because it encouraged all activities not only military. They had Education to make their people make smart choices. They also had a bigger population which means they have more workers and more people also means more money for Athens.

One of the Main reasons that Athens is better than Sparta is Athens allows other jobs.Athens gives their citizens freedom to choose which
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Since Athens had education they learned how to sculpt things.It could also make the people be smart so that they can run their government easily, without conflict.This could also help their country by creating new military tactics so that their country could win wars like when the Athenian people thought that they would hit and sink the Persian boats with their boats so that the Persians would be out of food and resources and not try to invade Greece. Also, education could help by attracting other countries to trade with Athens. Because the people were very good at literary they could attract people.Because Athens had education It is better than Sparta.

Another reason that Athens is better than Sparta is because of its military.Spartans education was military only. They believed that education was useless and all that is needed is killing people in order to survive. Athens here were into the military as well as arts. Athens in the Persian wars The battle of Marathon and the Battle of Salamis were outnumbered by the Persians. But Athens still crushed them without the support of anyone. Because Athens military was equal even though they weren’t a military-based system like Sparta, it was still better than

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