Sparta Vs Athens Vs. Athens

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Jamie Clemens
History 102
Professor Sinclair
13 October 2015
Sparta vs. Athens
Although Sparta and Athens were close on the map, they were far apart in many aspects of their civilizations. While having some similarities, the military powerhouse and the intellectual center of Greece had major differences in governments, societies, and cultural developments.
The Spartan government was considered an oligarchy (“oligos” translates to “few” and “archia” translates to “rule”), whereas the Athenian government was a democracy (“demos” translates to “people or the masses” and “kratis” translates to rule). Therefore, the governments differed but had some similar aspects. One major difference was that Sparta’s government was exclusive to only members of a high social standing, while Athens’ government was more inclusive. The Spartan government was very unique in that it had two kings. It also had a council of elders consisting of twenty-eight males over the age of sixty, an assembly which was open to citizens, and an executive committee of five ephors chosen by lot from the citizens. The office of ephors was created in order to control the kings even though the kings still retained military and religious leadership. The Athenian government went through many changes as their civilization developed. It went through all four stages of government: monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny, and, finally, democracy. The Athenian’s “democracy” was very different from the form of government we are all
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