Spartacus and the Slave Wars Essay

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Spartacus and the Slave Wars

Slavery is a powerful word. To be a slave and to be owned by a person or household is something I'm very fortunate that I never had to experience. Unfortunately throughout civilization this was exactly how things were. The rich got richer and the poorer, poorer. The rich needed people to work for them so they purchased slaves to do all their daily chores and make their life a luxury. Once you were a slave, you were bound to your owner and had to do everything they asked of you. It was a no questions asked policy. Spartacus was a slave that had something else in mind. He decided he had enough of it and started a revolution to be a free man. Many other slaves in Italy had the same vision and joined
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Vesuvius. Out of the 200 that started the riot, 64 escaped the city. (2) Many other rural slaves joined them on their way to the mountain. In order to end this uprising of slaves, praetors sent out a small army to kill Spartacus and his followers. Praetors are an elected magistrate of the ancient Roman Republic. They rank just under the consul but have about the same duties or functions. There was only a steep narrow path to the top of Mt. Vesuvius and the Roman army figured they had Spartacus trapped. Spartacus had different ideas though. He and the rest of the slaves tied vines together to make ropes and headed down a steep face of the mountain and put a surprise attack on the Roman camp. They approached them from the rear defeating them by total surprise. Spartacus's army then headed to the Alps and picked up many slaves on the way. Spartacus's army was growing and he kept his men happy by sharing the wealth of his victories. Soon the slaves began raiding small towns and the Roman government decided to go to any extreme it could to take down Spartacus and his slave followers. Marcus Licinius Crassus was elected praetor and formed a huge army that he was going to command and put an end to the slave rebellion. Crassus sent two of his legions south to force the slaves towards the north where Crassus would be waiting to strike when Spartacus arrived. The legions were told not to engage in battle with the slaves but having minds of their own
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