Spartan Culture

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In the beginning, Sparta had a good foundation, with sufficient natural defenses (Freeman, 2004, pg. 168). Spartan culture emphasized courage and immortal honor imbued to forfeiting your life by dying in service to one’s home city, not to mention bringing glory to your family (Freeman, 2004, pg. 164). Shortly following Sparta’s inception began their excursions into conflagration, starting with those located closest to them, bringing them to dependence on Sparta and forcing them to contribute manpower to the Spartan army and yet not allowing them to participate in the governance of Sparta (Freeman, 2004, pg. 168). Despite no clear cause or need for further expansion (such as Athens dire need for grain) and an increasingly less defendable border, the Spartans became greedier still, seeking more land and dominance (Freeman, 2004, pg. 168-169).
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