Spartan Home Health Center ( Shhc ) Policy

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Spartan Home Health Center
The world of technology is revolving at a faster pace than ever before and has therefore brought the greatest challenges to businesses and individuals alike. Spartan Home Health Center (SHHC) is one of the many constituents that is affected by these rapid changes and seeks to gain more evidence to improve their overall business processes. A risk assessment is made to evaluate whether SHHC should continue the implementation of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy. A qualitative analysis predicts that the pros outweigh the cons for this case which in part is complemented by a quantitative analysis that determines whether or not it would be profitable. After much thought and candor it has been decided that for its purposes, SHHC should indeed continue its BYOD policy.
Qualitative Risk Assessment
Assessing SHHC decision to continue its BYOD policy, several steps were taken under consideration. An article found in the popular business magazine Forbes “Don’t be afraid of the big, bad BYOD: 10 things you need to know,” by Teresa Meek details a lot of useful steps to qualify SHHC policy as a good one. The first and biggest step is to make stakeholders to join the bandwagon. It is critical for them to be well informed and made aware of the amount of risk that continuing this policy will cause. Risk communication and consultation will make it easier for them to understand what all this means to them and the company (ISO/IEC, 4). If the top executives are in
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