Spartan Take Home Exam. Politically These Areas Share Hardly

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Spartan Take Home Exam

Politically these areas share hardly anything in common from the way each ran their governments: Athens that which ran a Democracy, Sparta ran an Oligarchy and The Persians ran a Monarchy. Economically Persia sought more wealth and power through the threats of other areas that includes both Athens and Sparta who refused in the end to submit. Both Sparta and Athens treated their women differently as Sparta exercised and trained, keeping their breasts in shape, unlike the Athenians. During this time all had their own city-states or polis in their control, some will create walls and others will make ports. In the day to day life of Athenians, Spartans or Persians, they hold festivals or contests for their people.
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“In 480, at last, the Persian horde and armada by sea set off west.” (pg117) Though one of the most heroic moments of the Persian war is when the unsuccessful defense of the pass of Thermopylae that which had 7,000 or more men and Leonidas a mere 300 Spartans for two days. The Peloponnesian war also known as “The Athenian war” to Sparta, lasted for many years, between the Spartans and the Athenians or the Peloponnesian League and Delian League. The Delian League was created by the Athenians; the Peloponnesian League was created during the Persian war however the Spartans wanted to destroy the Athenian power that had taken many parts of Greece. Their strategy in doing is to have what Isthmus will eventually do is “to penetrate Athens home territory.” (pg155) A wall set in place around Athens that which made Sparta threaten them by using their grain lands in order for the Athenians to come out and fight. Due to the trade and naval military of Athens are able to live freely, thus making that the next target for Sparta after the destruction of grain-crops though “they also had to live off the land while they were doing the ravaging” (pg183) Thus they seek out new countermeasures against Athens overwhelming defense, by creating a naval force. Before Brasudas died he became a major source of Athens’ difficulties in Peloponnese and in Chalcidice. “He
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