Spartan Women Vs Athenian Women Essay

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There are many obvious differences and some comparisons between the women in Athens to the ones in Sparta. Women from both of these societies played different roles while many who have not done the research may think they lived the same.
To begin, Sparta was huge on their military. Women were fully involved and were given physical training, as their husbands would leave from a young age for years and would only come back to their wives if they were to make a stronger family. Women were there to provide them with their equipment and know how protect their family while their husbands were gone. Unlike Athenian women they had nothing to do with their military. The men only went to the military for two years and then were able to come back which shows us how their military was not a priority to them. Athens was never big on military as Sparta was they were known to rather value philosophy, art, and such.
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Spartan women were more likely to be seen out in public as much as men. They were allowed to play sports as they believed women who did could be a better mother figure because it helped them remain healthy. Women from Sparta were as well allowed to socialize with other men although it wasn’t highly encouraged it wasn’t frowned upon either. They were treated as equally as men since birth which is why they had more of a public life than the women from Athens.
Athenian women, were confined to their homes in order to take care of their family. Other than watching over the household and attending their husbands, they had to take care of all chores as it was considered their “job”. They as well watched over their slaves and if anything was ever needed from the market a slave would be sent to go get it. These women did not live a public life as they weren’t able to leave their home. Married women were not allowed to speak with any men however, were allowed to socialize with other women unlike the married women from
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