Spartans Military And The Spartan Military Vs. Roman Military

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Spartans Military (Greece) vs. Rome Military

" War. War never changes. Since the dawn of humankind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything from god to justice to simple psychotic rage" (Howard). When you think about all the armies that have walked this earth the first two you might think of are the Spartan Warriors and the Roman Legionnaires. With both empires so vastly iconic they share a lot of ideas such as their military views, but just because they have the same ideas does not mean they portray them in the same manner. for example how they train their men, the weapons they would use and their overall battle strategies/ formations. Training is a vital ordeal in everything you do from sports to a new job that everyone can do different. This is the case for the Spartans and Romans. Before Spartans are even born their skill sets are already delegated. The Spartans believed in competition and the winners were held in high praise. Thus having the strong men marring the strong women and the fast men marring the fast women in hope of having a son share their physical attribute. After birth the babies are inspected by the Spartan Elders, if imperfect the babies would be thrown off a cliff said to be not fit for battle. When the child then reaches the age of seven he is sent to a military boarding school where he is taught to fight. The Romans did nothing as formidable as the Spartans. The
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