Spastic Paraplegia Essay

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The concept of time is a phenomenon that has been met with much discourse, but is also an invaluable commodity. I began to understand how much of a commodity time is when I was in seventh grade. That was the year my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I witnessed a man recovering from bankruptcy, struggling to support a family with five children, while attempting to pass his medical board exams, defeat all odds. By the end of that year all of those obstacles were no more, and with the help of my mother they were able to move us out of that socioeconomic environment. That’s when I understood what time meant to me, opportunity. After witnessing my father battle I vowed to never quit and to make the most of my time. Through medicine my…show more content…
I have always wanted to be of service to my community not as just a physician but also as a leader, so I began to run for roles of leadership on my campus. As time progressed I was elected to the Student Government Association as Mr. Xavier University allowing for me to be a voice for my student body. While not being able to directly assist my community through medical practices I have found an alternate route for the meanwhile, by working as a student researcher. The research I contribute to is conducted on mutations in Kinesin Kif5A which directly cause Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. This research has allowed me to cultivate problem-solving skills, which will help when trying to implement treatments for patients. My post basketball college experience has been filled with opportunities like presenting my labs findings at national conferences that will directly benefit my pursuit in…show more content…
All that I have been able to accomplish is a product of my father being afford more time. My hope is that through medicine I can prolong someone else’s life and they will be able to impact other’s lives the way my father impacted
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