Spatial Geography Website Analysis

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Whether you are looking to buy a home on a California hill, avoiding landmines in the duty of battle, or avoiding that creepy stalker who will not leave you alone, spatial geography is everywhere. The major push to use more maps and technology to help us in all aspects of life started back when President Obama was elected into office. I am sure many people would argue it started way before then, but the videos made Penn State Public Broadcasting shine the light on how and what President Obama and his administration and chief leaders did to put spatial geography in place to make us much safer around the globe. Spatial Geography is used in our everyday life and as a teacher we can pass this vital information on to our students. The GPS tracking…show more content…
A video on Channel One News had a fourth grade who took it upon himself to raise money, find volunteers, and supply poor African villages that had no water source with a well and pump for their community. Lifesaver Hero, Ryan Hreliac, has his story on this website: This website includes a tab for educators to provide them with lesson plans, resources, and ways to participate if a class or a school would like to take on this service project to build a well for a community or village that struggles to have a clean and safe water supply. In addition to the lessons the students could locate a village or community that was in need of a well. The students would split up into groups and each select a village or community. Each group would then need to do a presentation on the area and try to convince their classmates on why this village or community has the greatest need for this well. After the presentations are done, students would then vote on which village or community would get the well. Next, students would get a large map overview of the village or community and to complete an analysis of the area and find the best place to place the well. Students would use Google Maps to locate homes and find the most convenient place to put the well in the village or community. Students would need to use many geographical skills and gain valuable life skills to while completing in this
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