Spay And Neuter your Animals

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Spay And Neuter Your Animals Warning to all animal lovers and pet owners spaying and neutering your animals is good for them. Many people believe in the myths of spaying and neutering, but those are not true. If you spay your female animals they will have fewer possible health problems. If you neuter your male animals it can help control the unwanted behavior problems. Myths of fixing your animals can stray people to think it’s not good. There are many myths out there and all of them are miss leading. One popular myth is “It's better to have one litter before spaying a female pet.”("Myths and facts," 2009). The truth is its not you might find a home for all the puppies your dog has to a home, but what happens to those puppies grow up do they get spayed? Even though they have a good home they may be bread for puppies and those puppies who don’t get homes might be taken to the pound. Some dogs have had litter and then been abandoned because they now have a new dog to love. Another popular myth is that owners say, “I don't want my male dog or cat to feel like less of a male.” ("Myths and facts," 2009). Your pets do not know there sexual identity, once they have been fix they do not act any different and they do not know that there any different than before. One of the last popular myths is “My pet will get fat and lazy.”("Myths and facts," 2009). They do not become fat and lazy because of the procedure they become fat and lazy because they are feed too much and then they
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