Spc Products Company Essay

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SPC Products Company Brief Summary of SPC Company Son pan products company (SPC) is a leading Japanese company specialising in providing automating solutions for financial, insurance and manufacturing solutions. SPC also produces PC's, mid range computers and peripherals for the Japanese Market. SPC is well known in the Japanese Market as a software producer of very high quality. Due to Son pan's large range of hardware, software and networking solutions, it is also one of the largest systems in Japan. Due to the pressure to cut costs SPC has been looking to outsource software development for lower prices. SLIDE CHANGE Brief Summary of case: Lakshmi Software: Lakshmi software is a company with their headquarters in India.…show more content…
Lakshmi is advantaged working with Son pan as it allows for them to state of the art technology that will give them an edge when entering new markets. SPC is the largest customer for Lakshmi. In order to expand their business in Japan, Lakshmi must ensure customer delight and prove they can handle large projects effectively. Lakshmi has noted that language will be a problem and has invested in translation services to enable them to communicate effectively. The Current Scenario: SPC has made it very clear to Lakshmi that they will not provide them with projects unless their productivity matches their own. The IPT enabled Lakshmi to improve their relationship with Son Pan. Lakshmi agreed to work under a ‘Japanese Sub Contractor model'. Implications that related to this included Lakshmi having to take specifications in Japanese, conduct business in Japanese, have management available during Japanese business hours even though their management resides in India. SPC has started to talk to other suppliers because they have concerns about the quality being delivered by Lakshmi. Currently the Lakshmi's relationship with their customer Son Pan can be simply described as "delicate'. SLIDE CHANGE KOS is a division of SPC and is currently bidding for a large system development and integration project – POPS. KOS is considering the use of Lakshmi for their outsourcing needs for the project. The Pre Proposal Stage: The IPT has informed Lakshmi of the requirements
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