Speak Your Mind : Taking Care While Caretaking Essay

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Speak Your Mind: Taking Care While Caretaking
This paper is done with the use of the Speak Your Mind video titled “Taking Care While Caretaking,” Phelps (2013, November 13) season four. Throughout the paper there will be examples and topics about taking care of loved ones while they deal with mental and physical health issues. There will be references from the sources Experiencing the Lifespan,, and Care of the Elderly.

Taking Care While Caretaking
The video from Speak Your Mind was called, “Taking Care While Caretaking.” The video contained information about the stress that caretakers go through while their loved one declines due to mental or physical health. Dr. Doug Heck, a licensed psychologist who specializes in people who have had a life-changing event happen, Christine Dwyer a caretaking consultant, and Char Davern a caregiver for her husband join Dr. Phelps in talking about caretaking. Caregiving can either come slowly, where you take on each step as they come, like during a disease like Alzheimers or it could come at someone out of nowhere like a stroke. It is important to know how to deal with these situations appropriately to give the loved one the best care possible.
One of the topics that was mentioned in the Phelps video was the many challenges that a caregiver goes through while caring for their loved ones. A large problem is the number of jobs that the caregiver may have to adopt in their lives. Maybe before the mental and physical health
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