Speaking And Communication: Speaking, And, Or Communication

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In the past, I have participated in a lot of classes and professional training dealing with many different types topics, but unfortunately, public speaking and or communications played very little roles in these classes. I will be talking about my past experiences public speaking and what I'm expecting to gain out of SVC 101. I have been in the US Air Force for 12.5 years now, I did not do any real Professional Military Education (PME) until about the five year mark where I went through Airman leadership school, (ALS), where we dabbled very briefly on public speaking. Fast Forward 7 years later I honestly can't remember much from the class. Since then I have had the opportunity to do a couple public speeches, some of which have been in front of rather large crowds. I can remember waiting to get up in front of everyone and not being nervous at…show more content…
I always try to give my undivided attention to the presenter because I know he/she probably hates standing in front of everyone just as much as I hate being part of the crowd but they have to do it. I’ve also seen a couple times the presenter freeze up and almost forgot what they're on stage for, this honestly might be one of my worst fears. My girlfriend really likes dressing up and going to balets, plays and musical events around Charleston, one night she was finally able to talk me into going to see a ballet which was sleeping beauty. I had never been to a professional ballet before this point. I was really intrigued how the dancers could tell the story by with dancing, facial expressions and music. It really goes to show that not all forms of communication is done through speech, you can get a lot out of it with someone's body expressions. I have become a little more aware of this and have been trying very diligently on bettering my
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