Speaking And Listening : Rohan Essay

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Speaking and Listening – Rohan has shown he has excellent speaking and listening skills this year. During carpet sessions, he is an attentive member of the class who listens carefully to instructions and raises his hand often to answer questions or offer his opinion. When Rohan has been asked to present information to the class he has done so with confidence, articulating well with good pace and volume. Rohan has particularly enjoyed sharing his diary to the class after each holiday. Reading – Rohan has made the expected progress in reading over this year and shows good ability although of all the subjects he studies this is the one he finds most tricky. He is reading his books with more confidence and reads most words without support, using his phonic knowledge to decode the trickier words. As his confidence in his own skill develops he is to express himself more and use different voices for different characters. In preparation for next year, Rohan must work on his fluency as he can sometimes lack flow when reading aloud. Writing - Handwriting – Rohan takes great pride in the presentation of each piece of work. His letters are shaped clearly and are consistent in size. He has grasped the cursive style of handwriting and forms each letter correctly. When writing, Rohan uses an appropriate pace and applies the correct amount of pressure to his pencil so that his writing is clearly legible. After each piece of work Rohan makes efforts to proof read but must
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