Speaking Difficulties of Students

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The fact that English is one of the most important keys that open the road of success in every area of life and it is the only language that truly links the world together can not be denied by anyone. That is why today English is taught as a foreign language in most of the countries and new research is being conducted for better learning and teaching in E.L.T. every day. However, there is no doubt that learning another language is challenging, especially if you do not live in the country where the language is in daily use and you are not exposed to it on a daily basis. Hence, there are some complaints from both students and teachers. No matter how much they understand the lesson, students claim that they can neither use what
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It consisted of 8 multiple choice questions. In this questionnaire, the students were asked the questions according to some criterion such as pronunciation difficulty, speaking anxiety, lexical insufficiency and structure. The students defined their own ideas for such statements by circling the appropriate option under the statement. At the end of the study, the results were related with general problems and difficulties of speaking, in order to define the respondents’ problems with the speaking skill.
Findings and Discussion
This study aimed to investigate the speaking difficulties of language learners at Çağ University and also how they tried to cope with these difficulties. All the participants stated as an answer to question 2 and 3 that they spoke English only at school. Therefore, the frequency of their interaction with English speakers and their encounter with English speech depended on the course hours.
In the study 2 types of students participated in the present study, 16 students were chosen among the students who attended Prep School of the university and 15 students among the ones who did not attend Prep School. The student’s regard of their English level depended on their educational background. Table No 1 showed the answers to question 1 and revealed that while 50% of the students who attended Prep School regarded their
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