Speaking the Truth

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When I first started working there, Susie and I did not get along very well. She would do things that I did not think modeled leadership, such as telling her followers that they could not take off two weeks before start week then she would take off during that time. As time progressed, she became a better leader and we began to get along better. However, another team member that originally got along with her began to miss a lot of work, come in late, leave in the middle of important jobs that had to be finished, etc. As a result, she began to put a lot of pressure on this employee about this behavior. The more pressure she put on him the angrier he got and he began to fight back in a very unethical way. We would go into team meetings and she would tell us things such as I went home for lunch and was so tired I did not come back for three hours and laugh saying I do think John even noticed. John was her boss and he was located in another building, therefore he was not aware of her comings and goings unless it was pointed out to him. While we the team did not think this, was appropriate behavior for a leader as a team we talked about it being wrong, but did not talk about it outside of our circle. However, the employee that she was putting pressure on to shape up seen this as the perfect opportunity to retaliate against her and he went one-step above her boss and reported it. As a result,…
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