Special Day Short Story

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“Special Day” Krissy Birdsall Life is full of surprises. We all know that. We don't know when the surprises will come, and what they have in store for us. I guess I was due for a surprise, and not a very good one. Manahassett Creek Park will forever be known for their luxurious turf field, and the cold that comes with the price of being built ten feet from water. This field is where my soccer clubs plays every weekend, almost every week in the fall season. It was October 22nd, just under a week after my birthday, and images of blowing out candles and sharing pizza with my friends and family just started to faze away in my brain. This was about the tail end of our season. We were three more games until we were done, and able to relax and…show more content…
Warmups were the usual warmups. Our coach yelled as us for talking about school, threatened to make us run, so we shut our mouths for five minutes, then started to talk again. We huddled in to chant, and the last stragglers were removing their warmup jackets. When we took the field, I felt a big gust of wind. The weather app said that the wind was going to be stronger, and there was a possibility of rain. The dark, ominous clouds suggest that they were right. Not fun for a soccer player. At least we are not on a muddy grass field, I thought. The other team not that soon after us took the field, and I started sizing myself up to the midfielder on the other team. About my height, a little bit bigger. “Hi. Where are you guys from again?” I asked. Most people wouldn't start a conversation a minute before the first kick, but I like to meet new people, make friends in case I see them in the future. “Morristown. About an hour and a half drive from here.” she…show more content…
It is like I am dreaming, floating on a cloud telling me, “Amazing goal!” My coach yells at me. I smile and shout, “Thanks,” before I became serious again. When the game restarts, our team steals the ball in the middle. I sprint up the sideline, and our midfielder kick the ball in front of me. I am running toe to toe as the ball starts to roll its way out of bounds. I see the girl who crossed it to me, making a similar run. I have to get this. I think to myself, just feet away from the ball. As the ball hits the sideline, I curve my body around my friend and poke it towards the goal. I fall on my left
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