Special Education And Special Education Teachers

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Everyday teachers are constantly collaborating with other teachers, school officials, and staff to ensure success for each individual student. Collaborative teaching is successful way to teach and it has many benefits for the student. Special education teachers collaborate with general education teachers, school administrators parents and guardians, and school psychologist.

Normally today in most schools, teachers work isolated which means it is one teacher to a classroom. Students with special needs and disabilities back in the day were taught in separate and isolated classrooms majority of the time. Now that's not the case, a lot of special needs students are getting an opportunity to be involved in a regular setting classroom. The
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This also allows special education and general education teachers to collab. The special education teacher's' role in a general education classroom is to help teach the curriculum, work with assessing and evaluations, and to help with classroom management. It is vitally important for the special education teacher to bring in a personal set of skills that will help improve the learning of students. Skill sets from both teachers should be able to work together to help improve a student's academic success.

As a special education teacher working with school administration is a very important part of the job. Working with the administration will help a special education teacher follow all the laws and procedures, work with Individualized Education Plans (IEP), and making sure that all children with disabilities are put in an appropriate classroom. Building a strong relationship with the administration can make life easier and give a student a better chance at succeeding. The goal from both teachers should be that all students in the particular class are provided with appropriate classroom and homework assignments so that each is learning and progressing, and also challenged.

Building relationships with the parents through this collaboration process is vital also. Working with parents can be one of the most
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