Special Education Curriculum For Students With Disabilities

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1. From your perspective, what exactly, are we talking about when we say “special education curriculum”? At first I was a little confused about this question. I was thinking about special education curriculum in the terms of an adaptive curriculum. After reading the articles form this module and locating my own article, “special education curriculum” refers to what educators are doing to make the general education curriculum accessible to students with disabilities. Although there have been many changes related to the education of students with disabilities, there is still a noticeable gap in achievement between students without disabilities and students with disabilities (Aron & Loprest, 2012).
2. Describe the legal climate of special education today. How does this climate affect the decisions we make in designing and implementing special education curricula? Provide specific examples.
There are many legal issues that arise in the area of special education. During the summer 2015 school term I completed the course Special Education Law. In this course I discovered that litigation regarding the laws of IDEA and Section 504 are on the rise. Parents are more educated of their rights and there are advocates as well as organizations readily available to assist student with disabilities as well as their parents. Some of the topics that can cause legal issues include placement in the least restrictive environment, progress monitoring of goals and objectives and making…
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