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The education system in our country was put in place in order to do service to our children. Despite this, in many cases, children that have disabilities are neglected by their schools. As a society, we all want to make sure that these children are being taken care of. However, there is a large spectrum of students with disabilities, and more needs to be done in order to meet every individual’s needs. In some cases, they do not receive enough attention, and others receive so much that it holds them back from succeeding on their own. Generally speaking, students with special needs benefit from integration into general education classrooms when it is handled appropriately; however in many cases, students are still being short-changed. …show more content…
Koch says that, “By nearly all accounts, the law has been highly successful at educating students once turned away at the schoolhouse door as ‘untrainable’…”. Julie Verdonik too believes that the program can be successful, and has confidence in the special needs students at Maple Grove. With all of this success, why is it necessary that the special education system be reevaluated? Despite the potential for success that IDEA creates, there are many students whose needs are not yet being met. Some states in our country ignore the act altogether, and do not provide their students with the resources and materials they need to be successful. In many cases, teachers in general education are not trained enough to handle students with special needs being a part of their classroom (Gable). The two of these factors combine to create an environment that slows down the learning process at no fault of the child. On top of that, many low-income areas do not receive enough funding to afford to service their students to the best of their ability, further hindering the child. Misdiagnosis is also a problem commonly found in low-income areas that holds students back from reaching their full potential (Koch). Students that are simply falling behind due to overcrowded classrooms are subjected to remedial reading and other needs-based classes when they don’t actually suffer from any disability (Koch). In some states, children with special

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