Special Education Flaws

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Since the moment we were born, our elders told us that we were all special in our own ways but the education system argues against that statement. When students are tested in the same way, some students out shine others due to the way they learn, while others are left feeling less intelligent. The education system is ruining the confidence in many of our children today, making some feel less important than others. This aspect is one of the many flaws in the system today. We as a nation should make an effort to make the children of the future feel important rather than destroying their self-esteem. We should not make them feel like they cannot accomplish their dreams due to a disability they could not escape. They are the future of this country, the ones to live on and continue to make this country great. Why should students have to study harder than others in order to pass the classes required to progress? This country is all about equal rights…show more content…
I struggled with social anxiety and attention deficit disorder. These disabilities were challenged daily by the standard learning expectations. The task of comprehending material was strenuous, which made me consider dropping out on multiple occasions. The teachers were puzzled on how to help me learn and assigned me into a special education class. Special education educators soon discovered that I was further advanced than the other students in that class. Educators were stumped on how to benefit my disabilities and decided to keep me in the special education classes. I felt misplaced and misunderstood that lead me to start behaving in inappropriate manners. This behavior caused my life to spiral downwards. Some claimed that the disability was all in my head and that it was just an excuse. Over the summer, I was trapped inside learning while I watched other children my age playing. To this day, I still struggle with the balance of work and
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