Special Education For School Leaders

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EDL 853 Special Education for School Leaders Case Study: “A Problem With Inclusion” Kevin L. Splichal Fort Hays State University Problem Identification and Analysis For this particular case, there are many issues which will cause problems for the school leader. All of which will need to be addressed in order for this student to feel welcomed and to also feel that he is getting the same educational opportunities as the other students in the building. This case presents many challenges, however, for the building leader. There are three key issues which are the basis for my resolution to the problem. First, it has been clearly identified that some of the instructors in the building have had a history of not accepting special education students in an inclusive classroom. Many of the teachers in the building do not feel that the special education students are their responsibility. They would much rather have those students be in special education classrooms. Those same teachers feel that special education students take up too much of their time in the regular classroom. Time which they believe is being taken away from the regular education students in their classes. What is still unclear, however, is how many of the teachers feel this way. If it is identified that other teachers do not have the same issues as these, then the plan for correcting the problem could change for the building leader. Secondly, is the issue of the student having the necessary
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