Special Education In Storm's Wake And Its Effect Today

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One of the main responsibilities that education must achieve in a democratic society argues that it is the proper preparation of students for the roles of successful citizens and responsibilities they must be ready to take on when they are ready to take on the world. We do not add together individuals and call it a society. We as teachers, teach children so they can be a part of today’s society. People’s lives are woven together and we share a common life and goals. Being a part of a democratic society, gives students a right to have a proper education, even students, who is a part of special education. In New Orleans with the hurricane making damage to the community, it also made damage to their education system too. They fired over seven…show more content…
Charter schools were not required to have special education. Plus, why would you close all public schools and only have charter school, when some of those charter schools were closing after one to two years after opening due to the “appearance” to keep their charter deteriorating. The main reason pubic funds were going to private groups was to keeps their charter and by doing this the education system lefts some students behind. They were taking advantage of what had happened in New Orleans, instead of finding a solution. Now is this something that should have happened to a nation that practice democratic…show more content…
Sarah Austin of Victor Cousin's Report on Prussian Schooling writes, “The poverty that was beginning to be unmanageable as the rural folks were filling the cities looking for the only work left after farms were enclosed by property owners, prices were dropping due to industrialization. Poverty became not just a condition but a social problem. Also the unrest and spirit of revolution, to change the growing misery of the capitalist/industrial system, was growing partly as a result of improved communication, and activist journalism” (Austin, 2011). Education is the fundamental method of social progress and it should be the main focus of the child life, not seeing it they can afford it. Education is a regulation of the process of coming to share in the social consciousness; and that the change of the students activity are the center of this social consciousness is the only sure method of social rebuilding of this education system. If we allow students and teachers to follow this line of thinking through, we can see that people learn the underline message that democracy is being members of a group or community that acts democratically together. This society can learn through communication and participating in the process of discussion that we learn to view ourselves as social beings with a concern for the common good, and responsibilities to
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