Special Education Inclusion

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Special Education Inclusion addresses the controversy of inclusion in education. It argues that inclusions controversy stems from its relation to educational and social values in addition to individual worth. Stout states the important questions that should always be asked when discussing inclusion. She gives us some arguments from advocates on both sides of the issue and everyone in between. She recognizes that inclusion has no simple answers. She merely intends to overview the concepts of inclusion and offers some recommendations to ensure the needs of all students are met. Her overview begins with definitions of common vocabulary, discusses laws governing inclusion, court decisions that have governed placement under IDEA…show more content…
Too much of what is expected from school districts is left to interpretation by the district and parents.

Even after IDEA’s amendments many questions remain unanswered. To what extent must a school go to provide inclusion? How important is the academic achievement? What rights do students without disabilities have? Some cases that have generated guidelines on inclusion include:

Greer vs. Rome City School District – won by the parents because the district was refusing services base on added costs which is not allowed.

Sacramento City Unified School District vs. Holland – ruled in favor of the parent for full time regular education because the district must also consider non-academic benefits.

Oberti vs. Board of Education of the Borough of Clementon School District – the parents received a ruling in their favor of a more inclusive education because of educational benefits.

Poolaw vs. Parker Unified School District – the district won this case because of the minimal education benefits in regular education placement vs. residential placement.

School District of Wisconsin Dells vs. Z.S. – the district won this fight for home education for an autistic student with a history of violence and destruction.

Stout found no comparative information available in her research for the impact of

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