Special Education Issues For Public Schools

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Special Education issues The issue that I struggle with is the lack of proper special education in public schools. I think this is an issue that is seen locally as well as nationally. Inner city school students suffer the most with improperly trained staff, unqualified teachers, lack of supplies, and not enough money to fund the programs. I am very familiar with this issue and feel strongly about the need to reform special education laws and practices. A child in need of special education services should not be punished for what the school lacks. I am very passionate about this subject because my daughter suffers through public school. I have seen firsthand how detrimental the situation can be on a child. My daughter is one of twins born at 30 weeks and weighing only 2lbs 14.9 oz. She spent five weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit and had a feeding tube, breathing machine, heart monitor, and incubation. Later one she received early intervention services such as occupational therapy. After she started school I kept telling the teachers something wasn’t right and I was always told she was fine and that I couldn’t possibly know she had learning issues. The school kept moving her along acting as if nothing was wrong. Once she hit 2nd grade I watched her do homework and she started to mirror write all of her spelling words. She had no idea what she had done and insisted they were right. I sent the homework back to school like that and demanded a meeting with the teacher.
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