Special Education Needs

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What has changed? For one fictional child with a particular SEN, describe the educational support available to them in 1960, and the support they would receive today, discussing what has changed and why. In this essay I am firstly going to write about what is meant by the term special educational needs; then I will talk about the history of my chosen topic which is autism; when it was diagnosed, who diagnosed it, how labelling can affect a child suffering from autism, and what treatments are available to assist autistic people in leading some-what normal lives. I will also write about the medical and social model, what they are and how they relate to SEN, I will then write about the SEN Code of Practice and special educational needs…show more content…
Some common signs of children suffering from autism are they tend to withdraw and become silent or unresponsive, they throw tantrums to block out smells, sounds, touch and sights which they find disturbing (Brill, 2008) and they take longer to reach the common stages of childhood e.g. walking and talking; autism halts normal progression (Brill, 2008). The autistic spectrum sometimes occurs along with mental retardation and language disorders therefore educational planning must address both autistic needs and the needs associated with accompanying disabilities (Brill, 2008). By the 1960’s autism was finally identified as a disorder of its own; in 1965, Dr O. Ivar Lovas and colleagues at a university developed a treatment for autism called applied behaviour of analysis (ABA) (Freedman, 2009); ABA is the use of techniques and principles to bring about a good change in behaviour (Freedman, 2009). ABA focuses on the principles that explains how learning takes place e.g. through positive reinforcement; if good behaviour is followed by a reward the behaviour is more likely to be repeated. This technique could be used not only in the classroom but at home by parents (Freedman, 2009). ABA has become a very popular and widely known treatment for autism through the years especially through the last decade where it has been used to help autistic people lead normal and productive lives.
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