Special Education Or Remedial Education Is A Program Designed

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Special Education or Remedial Education is a program designed to help children who have learning disabilities and mental challenges. Special Education can be very beneficial for certain students; however, because of the diversity within a Special Education classroom students are rarely getting the correct level of education that they need. Most students do not end up not getting the specialized help they need and eventually fall through the cracks. This, along with many other problems, need to fixed. If these very serious issues within the system are not handled, then the Special Education system will fail. An example of problems within a Remedial Education class is evident in just about every school statewide. There are students in…show more content…
Often times teachers will put things of IEP’s that are not one hundred percent accurate and makes the parents believe that their child is doing better than they actually are. They do this because IEP’s can reflect back on how well the teacher is doing, for example, if a student has been reading at a kindergarten level all through elementary school and shown no improvement obviously something is wrong. The blame, however, cannot all be placed on the teachers; it is also on the lack of funding. In fact, teachers often times have a harder time than they should acquiring a students IEP report. They are kept not with the teachers, but in the office and even so they are rarely brought at to look through. They are merely a file filler just to have them so they do not get in trouble for not having them. Most of the time the only different from student to student involving their IEP is their name and cognitive ability. For the most part the same goals are set for each student. If the one thing that is supposed to help teachers educate their students is not getting used, how can there be any hope? Funding for Special Education has always been exceptionally low. This is mainly because the federal government leaves it to the states, which in return leave it to the school districts. The money that they use towards Special Education is based on how many students are in the program within the district. Most

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