Special Education

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From the first day a child is born, parents are there to nurture their child, to support them as they grow and develop. There is a lot to learn about raising a child under normal circumstances, but when a child has special needs parents must learn this whole new language of medical and special education terms (Overton, 2005). Parents enter this new world where navigating for the best interest of their child is riddled with challenges and obstacles that they need to somehow overcome. This is especially true when parents are dealing with the special education program in their child’s school.
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires parental involvement in the education of children with disabilities (Smith, Hilton,
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What are these special needs, which qualify a student to be considered for special education? Firstly, students with challenges in learning have to be considered. In a normal class, there could students who find it hard to learn because of some reasons. Such students need specialized attention so that they are not disadvantaged in the learning process.
When writing special education essays, it is also important to address the issue of communication challenges. These challenges occurs because of poor proficiency in the language being used, thus causing a communication barrier.
The commonest factor is physical disabilities. Students with disabilities require specialized education for them to gain knowledge and become productive in the society. These disabilities may include hearing and sight problems. They may also have deformed limbs, as a result of natural birth or accidents. Additionally, students with emotional, behavioral, and developmental disorders require special education.
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