Special Education Philosophy Statement

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Within our current education system, it is very clear that not all students are being supported at the same level as others. One group that faces this unequitable treatment would be students of special needs. Many times, students with special needs are not given the adequate resources to be as successful as those who do not have special needs. My hope and aspiration is to help support students with special needs get the resources that they desire in order to be as successful as they can be, and to live a good quality of life. Somewhere that supports this mission of helping those with special needs would be Misericordia. Misericordia is a residential facility that provides meaningful programing and care for those with special needs, especially…show more content…
Many times, as we discussed in class, inclusion has been not implemented well in classrooms. In some cases, as conveyed by the teacher candidates who were at Al Raby, that there was a clear segregation among students with special needs and those who didn’t. In addition, in the book, it mentioned how sometimes the paraprofessional staff are the “teachers” for the special needs students while the actual teacher just teaches those without special needs. In both of these situations, inclusion is not being implemented correctly. As a future educator, my vision of an inclusive classroom would be to integrate the class where there is a reciprocal learning experience among students with and without special needs and also that both parties are mutually benefiting from inclusion. Structurally, I would create this inclusion by ensuring that there is an even distribution of those with and without special needs in the classroom. In other words, I would create clusters or groups of 4 students where there is at least one special needs student at each cluster. My hope is that those without special needs would be a student mentor and helper and to also learn about those who may be different from them. My hope is not to ostracize the students with special needs, but rather to help others understand that differences aren’t bad and that everybody has unique and special abilities and talents. I would also foster inclusion by allowing the paraprofessionals to not just help the students with special needs, but I, as a teacher to also give attention and support for those with special
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