Special Education Program For Students

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All students need to be able to get the most out of school as they can and it is important to give all student the same opportunity. There are programs are made specifically for students that have learning impairment, physical disabilities, mental handicaps or language barriers to help them succeed like any other student.
In Texas we have Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD), with is a document that explains an individual educational program (IEP) for students within the special education program. When determining the child’s placement it is necessary to keep in mind the student’s level of academic performance, functional performance and if the disability affects their participation in the classroom. The individuals involved in these meetings are the parents, the regular teacher, special educational teacher, representative knowledgeable about resources in the local district, and a translator if needed. Parental participation is the most effective way to help the student succeed under ARD, the parents are given a parent’s guide which contains information, their right and responsibility, which should be constantly reviewed to have accurate information about the child. The child’s ARD record should be at the school, in the school district, and with the local education agency to insure the student is being well instructed for the disability they might have. Depending on their ARD circumstances students have the convenience to access assistive technology, behavioral…
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