Special Education : Purpose Of Schooling

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Special Education
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Special Education
Purpose of Schooling
I believe that education is the most important tool that any person can possess in life. An educated person can find numerous opportunities for personal and professional development regardless of their environment, social background and economic ability. While it is a universal right, millions of people around the world are still denied the opportunity to access education because of various reasons. The situation is particularly concerning among people with special needs since they are already the subject of prejudice before they can even consider stepping inside a classroom (Rotter, 2014).
Children and all learners with special needs can
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According to the EPSEN Act (2004), the disposition of learners with special needs can be classified into four main categories that instructors, parents and institutions should observe when managing the educational and learning requirements of this demographic (Benade & Jackson, 2017). The first category is physical, which can present as disabilities in different parts of the body and which can be easily discerned by others. The second category is sensory challenges and the third is mental health challenges. Finally, the fourth classification involves learning disabilities or any other conditions that significantly change the way a person with those conditions learn when compared to persons without such conditions (Hopkins, 2014).
Grierson (2017) argues that although the special education curriculum varies from typical school syllabuses in its context and composition, they share a common attribute in the sense that they are designed to ensure that learners benefit as much as possible from their educational exploits. When designing a curriculum for special needs education, a number of factors must be considered. Benade & Jackson (2017) recommend that first, there should be a preexisting structure that guides the whole process to facilitate an objective and holistic outcome. Second, due to the intricacy and diversity of needs in different classes and schools,
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