Special Education : Questions And Answers And Teachings

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In what type of school do you teach? (Type an “X” next to the appropriate description; if “other” applies, provide a brief description.) Elementary school: __x___ Middle school: _____ Other (please describe): _____ 2. Where is the school where you are teaching located? (Type an “X” next to the appropriate description.) City: __x___ Suburb: _____ Town: _____ Rural: _____ 3. List any special features of your school or classroom setting (e.g., charter, co-teaching, themed magnet, intervention or other leveled small group instruction, classroom aide, bilingual, team taught with a special education teacher) that will affect your teaching in this learning segment. [My placement school is a K-5 public school with approximately 551 students.…show more content…
[There is a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes dedicated to literacy each day in my classroom. There are 30 minutes of reading whole group, 30 minutes of reading small group, 45 minutes of writing, 15 minutes of independent reading, and 15 minutes of read-aloud every day.] 2. Is there any ability grouping or tracking in literacy? If so, please describe how it affects your class. [The students are assigned reading groups based on evaluations on reading, fluency, and comprehension three times per year. This level small grouping is flexible and can change as needed over the course of the quarter, semester, or year. There is also a bilingual team, special education team, and reading intervention team that will pull students on for one-on-one instruction. My school uses Fountas & Pinnell reading levels to support their guided reading. Fountas and Pinnell is an assessment given to students in order to identify their instructional reading level. We are able to help group students when we work in small groups during literacy. In small groups, we are able to differentiate reading level and text type for students depending on their reading needs. This also helps us with knowing which students need additional support and where we may need to focus our teaching.] 3. Identify any textbook or instructional program you primarily use for literacy instruction. If a textbook, please provide the title, publisher, and date of publication. [Benchmark Literacy, Benchmark
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