Special Education: Should Restraints or Seclusion Be Applied on Individuals with Disabilities

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Under the Steering Committee on the Enabling Masterplan, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has been recommended to hold the ownership and leadership of special education. (Poon, Shobana, & Wettasinghe, 2013) Enabling Masterplan 2012-2016 seeks to build an inclusive Singapore where every person with disability can maximize his potential and is embraced as an integral member of our society. This initiative builds on the Enabling Masterplan 2007-2011, where the government feels that there was some progress, but more could still be done in enabling people with disabilities to be equal and integral member of our society (Enabling Masterplan Handbook, 2012). Through the 3P namely People, Public, Private collaboration under the Enabling Masterplan,…show more content…
On the other hand, seclusion is considered as an involuntary confinement of a person in a room or area from which a person is physically prevented from leaving (Mohr et al, 2010). Physical restraint and seclusion are known measures for their traditional interventions to handle individuals with disabilities (Colazzi, 2005). These measures are used in numerous professional settings including medical and psychiatric facilities, law enforcement and correctional facilities, and schools (Ryan, & Peterson, 2004). With the use of physical restraint and seclusion, it directly impact the person’s human rights, limiting among other things, freedom of movement, and the ability to think clearly (Webber, McVilly, Fester, & Chan, 2011). Over the years, there has been an increase of restrictive practices in schools, professional considered it acceptable as a form of control for serious behaviors such as aggression or self-injury but also recognized that restraints were sometimes used for less serious behaviors such as preventing a student from leaving the classroom (Ryan, & Peterson, 2004). However, the used of restrictive practices has been increasingly challenged and questions are being raised with respect to the clinical efficacy and ethical appropriateness of such

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