Special Education Teacher For Extended School Year

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What is it like to be a Special Education Teacher for Extended School Year? I learned during my field observation that being a special education teacher for Gwinnett County Public School (GCPS) opens the door to many opportunities, one of which is the availability to work as a teacher for Extended School Year (ESY). I also learned in order for students to be eligible for ESY services, they must have an IEP, be in a self-contained classroom during the regular school year, and have data to support significant growth/gains made on their individual goals and objectives. In addition, the student has displayed regression when returning from a break. There are limited sites for ESY at the elementary level, as a result ESY is a competitive data based program for both students and teachers. The site I visited was Chattahoochee Elementary School in Duluth, Ga, there I had the opportunity to shadow a teacher in the Moderate/ASD program. Chattahoochee ES is an older, red brick building with a newer addition added to the top of the school. The wing where ESY is held was part of the new addition. It had tile floors, an exterior office, and six classrooms. Two of the six rooms are used as alert and calming areas, within these rooms there was adapted equipment, like a squeeze machine, listening station, and a trampoline. The classroom was divided into sections/areas, using gray partitions and study carols. Within these sections was a play area, individual task area, and reading area. There
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