Special Effect Of Special Effects

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Movies have been another form of media to bring little dreams into big realities,through cameras,acting, and many different special effects. Special effects have played a special part of the filmmaking process and has evolved through the years using a combination of improved practical effects, and computer generated effects to provide a visually stimulating movie experience. Special effects can only do so much, however successful movies have been comprised with a proper balance of all the elements of a movie, such as story,acting, and also the concept as well. The movie industry currently relies too heavily on special effects rather than plot and other elements which compromises the cinematic integrity;therefore to protect the film industry,future special effects should be used to compliment a film’s thematic direction. The first special effect was in 1985 created by a man named Alfred Clarke, who was filming for a beheading scene in a movie (New World Encyclopedia). This scene was executed by having them film normally up to the beheading, once it got up to there Alfred Clarke paused the camera and told everyone to stop at their place in which the person being beheaded would be switched out with a dummy and the dummy would be the one being beheaded. This technique would then be called the “stop trick” and would be classified as a practical effect (New World Encyclopedia). This would open up a lot of possibilities for the cinema world because even with this simple trick
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