Special Effects and Scenes from The Day After Tomorrow

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Some scenes in the movie The Day After Tomorrow were very plausible and likely to occur in real life, while others were simply made from special effects and could most likely never occur in day-to-day life. One very possible scene was animals sensing the weather and being able to escape before a massive storm was soon to hit. According to http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/can-animals-predict-disaster/tall-tales-or-true/131/, “Plenty of studies have shown that some animals can sense major changes in the weather. Worms, for instance, are known to flee rising groundwater. Birds are known to be sensitive to air pressure changes, and often hunker down before a big storm. And in Florida, researchers studying tagged sharks say they flee to deeper water just before a big hurricane arrives. They also may be sensing the air and water pressure changes caused by the big storm.” Another plausible scene in the movie is tornadoes being so powerful and strong that they can pick up cars and throw them forcefully into the air. One example that backs up this statement is, “In a scene straight out of a blockbuster disaster movie, big-rig trucks were tossed high into the air like toys when huge tornadoes slammed into Dallas yesterday (April 3). The National Weather Service said today that the damage in Texas, which included hundreds of homes, suggested one of the twisters was an EF2, meaning the winds gusted between 111 and 135 mph (179-217 kph). Videos of the truck-tossing tornado
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