Special Juvenile Justice System

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For any social and reformative legislation to be successful, it requires not just the good law but dedicated and motivated functionaries of the system. The object of Juvenile Justice System is prevention (ensuring that children do not come in conflict with the law) and to provide specialized and preventive treatment services for children and young persons as means of secondary prevention, rehabilitation, and improved socialization.
It is mostly the police who arrests the juvenile and produces him before the Juvenile Justice Board. The JJ Act, 2000 contemplates constitution of a special unit of the police force called 'Special Juvenile Police Unit' (SJPU) to deal with juvenile in conflict with law. In every police station
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They introduce citizens to the justice process. That introduction ranges from taking a report from a victim or witness to a crime, to issuing a traffic citation, to enquiring or taking into custody a suspect in an offence or felony. Police are charged with preventing crime and enforcing the…show more content…
Risk of biased report: Sometimes the research for a report leads to unnecessary delay, wastage of time, undue abuse of the accused by the probation officer and likelihood of biased report being submitted by him, which jeopardizes the interests of the accused, thus contradicts with the object envisaged by the correctional policy. iii. Inadequate training of the officers: Neither the Probation Officers are adequately trained nor are the Probation Services very effective. Lack of properly qualified personnel, want of acceptable supervision and excessive burden of casework are attributed as the three major causes of inefficiency of the probation staff. iv. Lack of involvement on part of lower judiciary: In an umpteen number of cases the defendant had to move the High Court and even the Supreme Court to get the relief of probation. If the accused gets relief only after passing through the turmoil of a long and cumbersome judicial process, he would psychologically be diverted towards crime and the whole purpose of the act would be forfeited.
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