Special K

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MKTG 806
Applied Marketing Strategy


1) Executive Summary
2) Product Overview * What’s the product * Target market- stakeholder * Marketing message, brand positioning, product positioning
3) Location Overview
4) Current Marketing Mix * Product * Price * Placement/place * Promotion
5) Key Marketing Issue
6) Recommendation * 3 strategic recommendations to improve
7) References

2) Product Overview

(Special K with Chocolatey Flakes)
It’s a little treat you’ll feel good about

* What’s the Product?

Kellogg’s is a big name in the cereal industry and Special K with Chocolatey Flakes is one of Kellogg’s powerful brands which introduced to cereal market in 2009. The
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3) Location Overview

Woolworths Marsfield

Aisle number 3 is separated for: Canned fruits, Health foods, Long life milks, long life juices and breakfast cereals

Shelf on the right hand side is mostly full of snacks and cereals

Cereals located on the shelf also segmented, cereals for: children – with high energy and protein – traditional cornflakes – fruited – oats

There are 6 different types of cereal brand: Kellogg’s, Uncle Tobys, Sanitarium, Home Brand, Nestle and Vogel’s Assumptions:
Kellogg’s occupies approximately 45% of the shelf Uncle Tobys occupies approximately 30% of the shelf Sanitarium occupies approximately 13% of the shelf Home Brand occupies approximately 5% of the shelf Nestle occupies approximately 3% of the shelf Vogel’s occupies approximately 2% of the shelf
Lowan occupies approximately 2% of the shelf

A cluster of Kellogg’s products stands on the same shelf
All Special K products are easily recognizable because of the big and bold K letter.

Special K with Chocolatey Flakes boxes are displayed in the 3rd shelf

5) Key Marketing Issues

* Successfully segmented the market especially in terms of demography and targeted women willing to keep fit. * Special K with
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