Special Needs For Special Education

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Over the past years, the total number of students with special needs in the United States has grown from 1990 through 2005. Studies from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) show that there are 4.8 million children enrolled in public schools who received special education between the ages of 3-21. The studies show that in 1990 the percent of children receiving special education in the school was 11 percent, while in 2005 the amount of students receiving special education grew to 14 percent. Actual studies by the IDEA during 2012 and 2013 reported that 6.4 million of the students enrolled in public schools are obtaining special education. We can see that students with special needs are rapidly increasing and at the same time we can notice that special education teachers are becoming scarce. Taking in consideration all the aforementioned, I decided to interview a youth specialist education professor. I wanted to know what truly inspired him to change his major and become a Special Education educator. Malcolm J. Warren who was a political science major who got into education on a whim. He started as a substitute teacher then as a paraprofessional and then was hired as a teacher. He has been working with special education students for about four years. He graduated from the Valdosta State University and he is currently working in a middle school in Georgia. He loves his job and he has been driven to focus hard on achieving student success and inspiring their
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