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Special Olympics Response Paper I don’t think Eunice Kennedy Shriver had any idea, when she first created Special Olympics, that it would grow and blossom into the profound, successful organization it is today. After witnessing how poorly individuals with intellectual disabilities were being treated, she knew something had to be done. She decided that these individuals needed a place to play and compete in sports, just like all other individuals. From this, Special Olympics was created. This organization has grown great measures since its formation and has been positively impacting individuals with special needs over the past several decades. Special Olympics works “to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a…show more content…
My life was no exception. I walked away from this field experience opportunity with a humbled heart. These athletes taught me what it really means to live life to the fullest and appreciate everything we’ve been given. For example, I spent most of the semester working with Adrian. Adrian had some pretty significant disabilities, but these setbacks didn’t stop her from achieving some remarkable things. One of my favorite memories with Adrian was helping her throw the softballs overhand toward the bucket. She was really struggling with the overhand aspect at the beginning, but after a little “hand-over-hand” work and some practice, she caught on. One day, she was making some great throws and kept hitting the edge of the bucket, but they would never drop inside. Right before it was time to go, Adrian threw the softball one last time, and it landed perfectly in the center of the bucket. When she saw it go in, her face lit up, and she wanted to tell the whole world about what she had just done. The satisfaction she received after completing this task made me so happy, and all those around us couldn’t help but smile right along with her. After working with Adrian and other students throughout the course of this semester, I was able to develop a bigger “Teacher Toolbox” of knowledge and experiences. First, I learned to celebrate all achievements, no matter how big or small they are. This is such an important step, and I think it’s often overlooked. The athletes sometimes
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