Special Report : Healthy Habits Improve Your Family 's Overall Wellbeing

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Special Report: Healthy Habits to Improve Your Family’s Overall Wellbeing Introduction Obesity is an epidemic not only for adults but also for children. Children these days are in danger of developing illnesses that are more typical of someone three or four times their age. This includes high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and others. It could be that the current generation of children has a lower life expectancy than their parents. Something has to change and right now. The family is in danger in more ways than one. Obesity is just the tip of the iceberg. There are also communication issues that can’t seem to jump the generation gap. In order to be healthy, the family needs to embrace not only the physical but…show more content…
Give everyone a pencil and piece of paper. Ask them a few questions that will give you the preliminary answers you need to get this ball rolling. * What would you like to change about yourself? * Do you have healthy eating habits? * What do you like about your family? * What do you dislike about your family? * What do you like to do for fun? * What sorts of activities do you do with your family? * Do you talk to your parents/children? Each person needs to answer as honestly as they can. In order to change, you have to know what needs to be changed. No matter how painful the answers are, you can now start discussing them. Identifying Unhealthy Habits One of the first steps to take is to identify the habits that you need to change along with the ones that you want to change. Here are some of the habits many of us have cultivated that need a makeover, so that our families can lead a healthier life with a sense of purpose. # The Obesity Trend We have already discussed that kids are suffering from obesity as well. But what is contributing to this trend? Here are a few important points that include unhealthy habits that need a new look. School lunches - Schools offer sodas, vending machines and fast food fare to kids for lunch in middle school and high school. It is up to them to turn down fattening choices for healthier fare but we haven’t always given them the tools to choose wisely. No physical education - Depending on your school district, kids are not
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