Special Scenarios in the Book, Classical Islam: A History 600-1258 by Gustave E. Von Grunebaum

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Review "Classical Islam: A History 600-1258" is one of the best books of all times and the reason for the success and the fame of the book is that it is the book which is one of its kind. It has focused on the aspects and the scenarios and the time which has been ignored by all other writers. The period was such that very little was known about it as most of the writers ignored it. Moreover the world was engulfed in the dark ages and the progress was hindered and the educational and literary levels had not peaked out and that is why the recording of the history was not all that authentic and accurate. The writer of the book G.E. von Grunebaum who is known to have the knowledge of this material used all the resources that he had in the best possible manner and that is why this book makes one of the best reading materials of all times. As already mentioned the history sources were vague as it is to begin with, the writer had his job cut short because now he had to do the compilation of the sources and he had to verify the authenticity of the work that he was going to include in his book. This book was published and translated in 1970 and this book is not only so important because it tells about the history which we had no idea about in the beginning but it goes one step further. It also tells us about the details and the implication that had an important bearing on how the things shaped out in the longer run. The way the Muslim world is today had the roots in the political
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