Special Talents: Story Telling and Imagination

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People always consider special talents to be really cool and interesting. Now, not all unique talents are like this, and storytelling and imagination are a few of these exclusive talents. Imagination is a conversational topic and can be used for many different things. A couple of these things include curiosity, creation, and storytelling. Now, storytelling is the same as imagination in that it again is a debatable topic. Some people think it is useful and entertaining, while some people believe otherwise and think it is ignorant and a waste of time. But to Sherman Alexie author of, “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, “ it was much more than that. It was perhaps more like a lifestyle or something that has been passed down for centuries like Thomas Builds-The-Fire and his family. Imagination creates storytellers who then tell stories which is very good because storytelling keeps memories going for generations and generations and also help distract from the problems at hand. When telling a story, every person has a different tactic for certain types of stories that they want to tell. For Samuel Builds-The-Fire, the method he used is doing it for entertainment and payment. This includes money of course, just like when he was with his buddies. “Tell us a story about all that,” his friends said. “And if it’s good, we’ll give you ten bucks.” “Twenty,” Samuel said. “Deal.” (Alexie 132) This interaction with his buddies demonstrates this it very well.

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